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YoungEarlGrey is Rhea Isaacs, an artist/illustrator from Sydney, Australia. She studied Illustration at NMIT in Melbourne before completing a degree of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts with Honours in 2014, and has been published internationally, collaborated with artists all over the world and spreads her work across a music - fashion - editorial hybrid that doesn't yet have a name but scientists hope to discover it by 2021 (editor's note: this was written before the pandemic, and as such, it is now a creative choice to leave it as is).


Her work is a mix of elements from her childhood, influences from music (anything from big band to AOR and back again),  and a lifelong love affair with pop culture. Her number one heroes include Keith Haring, Eddie Van Halen (She once saw him live and cried during his Eruption/Cathedrals solo), Janet Jackson and mid-century illustrators for their tireless efforts of sticking to a CMYK palette. ​




I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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